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janmanch news logoJanmanch News is a leading Online Hindi/English News Portal based at Patna. It is functioning under the flagship of JANMANCH MEDIA which is registered with Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME), Government of India.

Established for the very basic purpose, people attached with Janmanch News strongly believes in ‘Journalism for Justice’ and hence covers all  major and minor news content, along with the issues nobody wants to look at. Janmanch News becomes voice of exploited segments of our society, it fiercely raise the downtrodden issues among the masses.

Dynamic, Professional, Intellectual Senior as well as junior journalist are contributing their extraordinary effort for the news stories we cater 24×7. Janmanch News willingness to promote citizen journalism opens the doors to JAN-JAN PATRAKAR where common man can share any genuine issue for the interest of society and nation.

Janmanch News presence can be seen all over the Social Media. A dedicated team keeps vigil on social media as people at Janmanch understands the significance of said platform.